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Repeated Washington DC - Datacenter Maintenance

Completed 23 Jul at 12:30am CDT.


Posted 23 Jul at 12:30am CDT.

All customer nodes in this region have been shutdown for the maintenance window. The datacenter team will begin work shortly.

Posted 22 Jul at 04:19pm CDT.

We have more unfortunate news. The last Washington DC datacenter Maintenance, which occurred Tuesday, July 19th, 2022, was unsuccessful. The team in that datacenter region could not restore a critical power component that affected the entire facility. These events are beyond rare and have never occurred in the history of Nodecraft's 10+ years of operation. During this unscheduled maintenance window, they will attempt to repair power services to this facility, further disrupting game servers in that datacenter.

The data center for all Washington DC, United States customers will undergo an unplanned maintenance window of 8-10 hours. The techs in the data center a re-replacing a critical power component which cannot avoid a total shutdown of all devices for this window.

To avoid data loss, the Nodecraft team will work to ensure all customer game servers are properly shut down before the maintenance starts. During the maintenance window, all customers with servers deployed in Washington DC will not abe able to start or manage your game servers.

Posted 22 Jul at 04:15pm CDT.